Professionnal integration Assistance

Driving licence and exchange of international licences

Taking your test in France

Lyon Move will enrol you in a driving school to enable you to obtain your driving licence.  After training, you will take the written test and once this has been passed, the practical examination on either a manual or an automatic vehicule.

Exchange of a European or non-European licence

If your current driving licence was obtained in a European country, an exchange is not necessary. However, any breach of the Highway Code will incur a mandatory exchange.  You need to  be aware that the procedure varies according to whether the licence was obtained directly in a European country, or by exchange in another country.

For non-Europeans who have recently moved to France and hold a non-European licence, it is necessary to exchange your licence. According to your nationality, the limit within which this must  be done may vary, but this limit must be respected. Lyon Move will assist you with all these administrative procedures.

Lyon Move Relocation & Sojoourn

Welcome Pack

  • Skype session (1h) before their arrival in France or meeting in a cafe (if already in the city).
  •  Access to all weekly cultural workshops/activities during the day or evening
  • Delivery of the Welcome Box (with the Welcome City Guide + map of the city) during the first workshop/activity (if not delivered before)
  • Access to an online community “Sojoourn Expat community” with more than 600 members
  • Free access to all “ApéroExpats” (afterwork) events once a month
  • Access to exclusive content (guide, tutorials …)
  • Photo session offered with a photographer (use: CV, LinkedIn, website ..)
  • Individual discovery coaching session (1 hour) with a certified coach (Stela Klein)
  • Personalized assistance to answer their questions related to their integration in everyday life (throughout the duration of the program) via email, Whatsapp, phone  (9am-7pm, 6d/7)
  • Exclusive offers from local partners (coffee shop, events, yoga lessons, coworking space…)

French classes “Learn French out of the box”

Group classes “in small groups” (4-6 people) to exercise French in situations related to everyday life.  With 60% of the courses to learn French grammar and rules (done indoor) and 40% of conversational courses to practice French in everyday life (done outdoor). Starting from 30h to 90h according to their needs.


Integration assistance

Help for social and cultural integration

Lyon Move helps with social and cultural integration by accompanying your settling-in :



Language courses


Meetings and local exchanges


Joining associations and sport clubs

Settling in a new city in a new country requires an in-depth knowledge of the local social and cultural fabric.

Professional integration assistance

Lyon Move Relocation assistance à l'installation

Citizens from the EU or from elsewhere in the world, settling in France or abroad, on their own or with their families: to facilitate your administrative procedures, Lyon Move Relocation relies on a high standard network with specialists qualified in immigration procedures, residence formalities, and labor legislation, national and international social protection. Lyon Move compiles the file for the administrative authorities and runs the follow-up and tracking until the final documents are received.


Work permit application form


Residence application form, individual, with spouse and or accompanying children


Travelling pass application form for minor children, according to nationality

To go further, Lyon Move offers assistance to social and cultural integration as well as departure assistance.

Integration assistance for a successful move