Lyon Move Relocation

Within a recruitment or professional transfer, Lyon Move Relocation provides support in all steps related to the geographical move of the staff.

In all steps and at each stage of the move, Lyon Move facilitates the settling-in of families.

Lyon Move Relocation helps employees

“Well, right now, Lyon Move is organizing my home visits!”

Lyon Move Relocation helps in moving the staff

Lyon Move Relocation facilitates the employees integration

A smooth professional and personal move for the whole family.

Your needs on demand

Look and see visits assistance

For an appropriate choice

Discover your new living environnement.

Searching accommodation

For a smooth move

Find and book your accommodation.

Move in assistance

For a successfull relocation

Run subscriptions, school and administrative papers, run health insurance, etc.

Driving licence

For an easier move

Taking your test in France, exchange of a European or non-European licence

Departure assistance

For an assisted move

Terminations, expatriation and moving back.

Lyon Move relocation provides assistance to residential move within a professional relocation