Driving licence

Driving licence and exchange of international licences

Taking your test in France

Lyon Move will enrol you in a driving school to enable you to obtain your driving licence.  After training, you will take the written test and once this has been passed, the practical examination on either a manual or an automatic vehicule.

Exchange of a European or non-European licence

If your current driving licence was obtained in a European country, an exchange is not necessary. However, any breach of the Highway Code will incur a mandatory exchange.  You need to  be aware that the procedure varies according to whether the licence was obtained directly in a European country, or by exchange in another country.

For non-Europeans who have recently moved to France and hold a non-European licence, it is necessary to exchange your licence. According to your nationality, the limit within which this must  be done may vary, but this limit must be respected. Lyon Move will assist you with all these administrative procedures.

Integration assistance for a successful move