Searching accommodation

For a successful relocation

Searching accommodation

Either for buying or renting a temporary property, Lyon Move searches your future home according to your criteria.

Our search for rental properties can comprise other services, such as taking charge of the administrative procedure to obtain the Mobilipass grant, setting up utility contracts, inventories etc… By taking advantage of the preliminary visits, you will perfectly and early locate your future living environment.

searching accommodation : Lyon Move Relocation

Lyon Move relocation trouve votre appartement à la location

From defining requirements, searching, selecting and organizing the visit until assistance for the lease signature, the inventory check-in and check-out, the subscriptions and insurances, Lyon Move uses all their know-how to get a successful relocation.

Lyon Move provides necessary advice for your rent file.

After checking your eligibility, Lyon Move assists you by compiling the file for a Mobili-Pass request.

Download our documents “completing your rent file”.

Lyon Move Relocation trouve votre bien à l'achat

Our in-depth knowledge of the local and regional real estate market where offer and demand constantly change allows us to meet your requirements in keeping with your criteria. We select the properties and arrange the visits according to your schedule.

A real facilitator, Lyon Move uses their time to optimize their clients’ own time.

Lyon MOve Relocation trouve votre logement temporaireSelecting and booking hotels, hotel apartments or furnished apartments, we take care of your temporary housing and advise you in compliance with your particular interests.

Lyon Move Relocation finds your home for a successful move